Hemp & Embroidery offer a range of unique textile designs. Designs which are inspired by the traditional wears used within the different Sapa minorities. Many of their products feature beautifully intricate patterns. Patterns which are created with a natural indigo dye and the ancient dying technique of Batik.


Ensuring they provide a service that their customers are satisfied with is what motivates them most. That is why Hemp & Embroidery focus on creating products that are both accessible and suitable for all age groups. Their town store also provides a relaxed environment where customers can browse without the pressures found on the street.


Owners Lan & Dao have built this business on an idea that values quality and sustainability first. All of their products are made in-house which allows them to maintain a high standard of quality throughout the entire production process. They also specialise in the production of hemp. Hemp is a widely grown plant within the local community which makes it an extremely sustainable source to produce their fabrics from.

Lan & Dao run this business with a ‘100% No Waste’ principle in mind. They use every little bit of scrap fabric and repurpose any unsold products into new designs. This thoughtful approach not only helps them to maintain a cleaner environment but gives them an opportunity to make more products without any additional expense and a greater ability to support their local village.