Hemp & Embroidery’s story begins with owner Lan. At only 8 years old she began selling handicraft on the streets of Sapa. Six years on at age 14, Lan began to develop a dream to get off the street and into her own store. This idea was heavily inspired by seeing many non-minority businesses taking advantage of the local people by profiting off her culture.

From then, Lan wanted to produce genuinely local handmade products that supported her local minority community. For the next five
years Lan would work as a trekking guide to save up enough money to make this dream of hers a reality.

At 19, Lan had acquired everything she needed to open her own handicraft shop and so, that’s exactly what she did. Lan has always believed she can do anything she puts her mind to. Lan’s story is a perfect example of her self-belief and determination to create a better life for herself, her family and the local minority community.


Today, Lan shares this journey with her husband Dao who has self-taught himself all the skills required to design and produce the custom handicraft that Hemp & Embroidery has become best known for. Lan & Dao are both of the Black Hmong community and currently live in Lao Chai Village with their three beautiful daughters.